sunnuntaina, elokuuta 27, 2006

endless boogie 23 & 55

i am in a big sleep
my bed is too short for me
after a long hot summer
thunderstorm is building up
coming in
thru the open window
eyes shut, bloodshot after quint-eyed
four stores below
lowsy japanese carburetor tries to
outcry the stormy rumble
15 years ago at the Cheniers, in Toronto
i asked a catholic father to pray
for my unborn son
I drank Molson with Esa
we got drunk
i felt international and
so lonely
he was born with paralyzed arm
and piercing look
stormy sounds fills the room
will it rain?
she talks in the kitchen
i have painted Beaudelaire’s verses
on the wall
how to get drunk and so on
left thumb starts to tic
indians ride on the prairie, John Lee chills out
na na nana nanna he’s the boogie man
locomotive engineer i always wanted to be

i do not snore, mouthful of saliva
leaks on the pillowcase

wets all the big poppies alongside my
ears mute swans are dead
not returning from monetian poppy fields
I tattooed a butterfly in my arm Orfeus
forgot it
he’s still there with HB
the big sleep
in the long hot summer
windows open
storm thundering
new roads are built
ride on to burning hell

keskiviikkona, elokuuta 16, 2006

rannan sileää

tuhansien vuosien kallio on
lämmin kuin iho
löydän kivestä lantion
sileän ja erektoin